How to transport standard texts created in SO10

SAPStandard texts created using TCode SO10 are not transported by default. But if you would like to add standard texts or their modifications to transport, you can use the following guide

  1. If you have a transport created, skip to 2. otherwise go to SE01, click on create button(F6). A popup is displayed: select Workbench request and press ENTER. When asked enter short description of request.
  2. Now when you have a transport created, copy the task number into clipboard. Copy Task number not Request Number (The request is on top and task down to request).
  3. Run TCode SE38 and execute report RSTXTRAN. On selection screen enter
    Name of correction = ECCK900521 (the task in your clipboard)
    Text key – name = ZTEST (text name from SO10)
    F8 (Execute)
    Now you can see text name with selected checkbox. Press ENTER and a button with name “Trsft texts to Corr” is displayed. Click on it and confirmation dialog appears. Click on YES button and you should get message “Object transferred to ECCK900523”.
  4. Go to SE01 and check the Customizing request you created – the standard text should be there


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