ABAP – transport text from SO10

SAPDefault SAP configuration does not include standard texts into transports automatically. So if you create a standard text in TCode SO10 you might face an issue how to transport this text to quality check / production systems.

The approach described in this article can also be applied when you need to transport standard texts translations.

You can create standard texts in TCode SO10. In the same transaction you can create the same text (TEXT NAME) in different languages (translations).Transaction SO10


To include standard text (with translations) in a transport you can use standard program called RSTXTRAN (eg via transaction SE38). Program RSTXTRAN

On the selection screen you enter

  • name of the transport request where the texts should be put into (this must be the Development/Correction type of transport – the task under transport)
  • name(s) of the text(s) to be transported
  • language mutations of the selected text(s) …or leave the field empty to process all languages (where the text is created)

Selection screen

On the result screen select only the texts (and their translations) you want to put into transport and press ENTER

Selection of texts to be transported

Result of the program - texts put in transport

If you now check your transport, you can see the added entries

Contents of the transport







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