ABAP – Working with dynamicallly accessed data

SAPIn this article I’d like to present different possible approaches on accessing data and working with it dynamically.

Your table name is initially unknown and is determined during runtime:

* This will be global variable holding the selected 
* table data
  lo_data      TYPE REF TO data,
  lv_tabname   TYPE tabname16 DEFAULT 'MARA',
  lv_component TYPE fieldname DEFAULT 'MSTAE',
  lv_value     TYPE string.

* This will be used to access the table data
* dynamically:
  <lt_data>     TYPE ANY TABLE,    " Table data
  <ls_data_line>  TYPE ANY,        " Table line structure  
  <lv_data_field> TYPE ANY.        " Field of the structure 

* Create variable of given type dynamically 
  CREATE DATA lo_data TYPE TABLE OF (lv_tabname).

* Assign contents of the variable to field symbol
* so you can manipulate the data
  ASSIGN lo_data->* TO <lt_data>.

* Get data from selected table
  SELECT * FROM (p_tabnam)
    INTO TABLE <lt_data>.

Assign components (fields) of a structure dynamically

LOOP AT <lt_data> ASSIGNING <ls_data_line>.
    OF STRUCTURE <ls_data_line> 
    TO           <lv_data_field>.
  CHECK sy-subrc = 0.
  IF <lv_data_field> IS INITIAL.
    <lv_data_field> = p_value.

If you need to access more components of a structure in the loop, it might be a good idea to create a MACRO definition. In that case you can modify the above code snippet as the following:

DEFINE assign_value.
  ASSIGN COMPONENT &1 OF STRUCTURE <ls_data_line> TO <lv_data_field>.
  IF sy-subrc = 0.
    <lv_data_field> = &2.

LOOP AT <lt_data> ASSIGNING <ls_data_line>.
  assign_value 'MSTAE' 'ZX'.
  assign_value 'MHDHB' '365'.
  assign_value 'KZKFG' 'X'.
* ...

Append fields to your ITAB during runtime

  lo_data_line  TYPE REF TO DATA,
  lo_sdescr     TYPE REF TO cl_abap_structdescr,
  lo_tdescr     TYPE REF TO cl_abap_tabledescr,
  lt_components TYPE abap_component_tab.

  <ls_component> TYPE abap_componentdescr.

* Create dynamic line of our itab
ASSIGN lo_data->* TO <lt_data>.
CREATE DATA lo_data_line LIKE LINE OF <lt_data>.

* We are creating components of the new/updated ITAB
APPEND INITIAL LINE TO lt_components ASSIGNING <ls_component>.
* We get description of the current itab
<ls_component>-type ?= cl_abap_structdescr=>describe_by_data_ref( lo_data_line ).
* We assign some dummy name (will not be used anyhow)
<ls_component>-name = 'DATA'.
* Include all fields 
* If 'as_include' = abap_false, then all fields of the structure
* would be added in our new itab as one field of type
* "structure" with name 'DATA'
<ls_component>-as_include = abap_true.
* Now we're adding new component of type
* LVC_T_SCOL - Internal table
APPEND INITIAL LINE TO lt_components ASSIGNING <ls_component>.
<ls_component>-type ?= cl_abap_structdescr=>describe_by_data( l_lvc_t_scol ).
<ls_component>-name = 'CELL_COLORS'.
* We create reference to a line description of the new itab
lo_sdescr = cl_abap_structdescr=>create( lt_components ).
* ...we create reference to the new ITAB description
lo_tdescr = cl_abap_tabledescr=>create( lo_sdescr ).
* Finally we create our new ITAB, where
* 1. all fields from fieldcat are included
* 2. New field of type LCV_T_SCOL is appended
CREATE DATA lo_data TYPE HANDLE lo_tdescr.

Call FORMs of other programs

Let’s assume you have a report called Z_REPORT and you want to call its FORM get_data which e.g. reads data from VBEP.


Access variables from other programs

Your previous call caused required data to be loaded but the data is available in the Z_REPORT’s global variable ‘gt_vbep’ only – how to access it?

  lv_variable(40) TYPE c.

  <lt_vbep> TYPE TABLE OF vbep,
  <ls_vbep> TYPE VBEP.

lv_variable = ‘(Z_REPORT)gt_vbep’.
ASSIGN (lv_variable) TO <lt_vbep>.

LOOP AT <lt_vbep> ASSIGNING <ls_vbep>.
  <ls_vbep>-TDUHR = ‘235959’.

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