VLC – Desktop capturing with mouse pointer

This article is about capturing your desktop using VLC Media Player. We would like to capture what’s happening on the screen but also we would like to see the mouse pointer, which is not visible by default.

  1. Download mouse pointer image here or prepare your own mouse pointer image
  2. In VLC Media Player go to top menu and select Media -> Convert/Save
    Capture menu
  3. In the screen that appears select
    1. Tab = Capture Device
    2. Capture mode = Desktop
    3. Frame rate = 25 (can be less in case you don’t need fluent video)
    4. Select Show more options check box
    5. In extended options append the following additional settings parameter

      <IMAGE_PATH> is the file path to your mouse pointer image on your local pc in format like


      Note: You can get the path by just drag&drop the image file to your browser – the required file path will be displayed in the address bar.

    6. Click on button Convert / Save

    Capturing settings

  4. In the screen that appears now
    1. Check Source = screen://
    2. Select Destination file
    3. Select video and audio codec
    4. Press the Start button

    Start capturing

  5. Once you have your video captured, just press the Stop button in the VLC media player – your video file should be ready !!!


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