ABAP – APO Planning book macros on aggregated levels

SAPHere I’d like to present my solution of a problem in APO planning books where it was necessary to load multiple products and locations at the same time into the planning view and execute some Default macros on all of them. The requirement was to execute the macro always only per ONE product/location. This was not possible because the planning data was aggregated on material and/or location level.

Therefore I have to modify the macros in macro editor (/SAPAPO/ADVM) so at first they DRILL_DOWN on material level, then on location level and then the computation macro itself is executed.

Macro “Drill down to Material level”

The basic idea is: IF ( AGG_LEVEL( ‘9AMATNR’ ) = 1 ) DRILL_DOWN( ‘9AMATNR’ ; ‘internal’ )

Material Drill Down

Macro “Drill down to Location level”

The basic idea is the same as for material : IF ( AGG_LEVEL( ‘9ALOCNO’ ) = 1 ) DRILL_DOWN( ‘9ALOCNO’ ; ‘internal’ )

Location Drill Down

Collective macro “Multiple: Calculation”

The collective macro executes the “sub-macros” in the list sequentially:

  1. Drill down to Material level
  2. Drill down to Location level
  3. Computation macro

Collective Macro

Planning book output

In the planning book (/SAPAPO/SDP94) it’s now visible that each key figure row is split into several rows:

  • Total value (calculated automatically)
  • 1st product/location value (calculated by our macro)
  • 2nd product/location value (calculated by our macro)

Planning book

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