ABAP – ALV custom toolbar button + Import data from clip board

SAPIn this code example I’ll show how to add custom button to your ALV toolbar. This custom button will import data from clipboard into the ALV grid. This can solve issue with classic Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V where there’s a problem that new rows are NOT created in the ALV grid automatically – this will be solved by the extra toolbar button Continue reading

ABAP – ALV Context menu + keep row selection after a filter is applied

SAPStandard functionality of an ALV grid offers row selection by clicking on the row headers. You can also use Ctrl or Shift keys to do mutliple row selection. Drawback of this is when you need to select some rows and apply some filters at the same time. Setting or deleting filter (or any operation which does grid refresh) clears the row selection. If you need to keep the row selection together with functionality of filter (and others), you can follow my little suggestion Continue reading