ABAP – Advanced debugging

SAPI believe that most of you know how to debug the basic report or class methods etc.

But things can become complicated when debugging is needed for a backround job, RFC function module or even some user-exit which is being triggered in an update task. E.g. when you update material master in ECC using MM02, you can’t easily debug all user-exits because they’re triggered in separate process independent on session you are currently running.

In this article I’d like to present several useful debugging tricks you can use in your more complex scenarios. Continue reading

ABAP – Debug CIF interface from ECC to APO

SAPIt it (almost) impossible to debug CIF interface on inbound side because the data being sent from ECC to APO is passed via RFC enabled functions which are called “remotely” from ECC. Therefore it is not possible to just put break point in target (APO) system and expect that debugger will start when you send data from source (ECC) system. Continue reading