ABAP – Hierarchical View Clusters

SAPThis article is a tutorial on how to create a View Cluster on top of SAP tables. It is extremly useful when you have several SAP tables with hierarchical dependency. This hierarchy is nicely visible on eg. MARA -> MARC -> MARD tables where the KEY grows from MATNR (MARA table) to MATNR + WERKS (MARC) to MATNR + WERKS + LGORT (MARD). To view/edit data using this hierarchy folding you can use the “View clusters” approach.
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Events in database table maintenance view

SAPI needed to create a database table where there will be no key fields (all fields to be editable during table maintenance) but at the same time I needed some easy way how to identify each table row with unique key. And I found a solution using automatically generated GUID during row addition handled by maintenance view events. Continue reading