SAP – Classification System

SAPSAP Classification system can be very powerful tool to provide additional information to your master data. It can be used for classifying and subsequent searching objects based on given set of characteristics describing the object.

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Create new batch characteristics with values checked and suggested by a function module

SAPIn this example I’ll try to show you how to create new characteristics for a material batch. This will include the following steps:

  1. Creation of a function module to check characteristics value (optional)
  2. Creation of a function module to suggest characteristics value – search help (optional)
  3. Creation of new characteristics (CT04)
  4. Creation/modification of a class (CL02)
  5. Object/Class assignment to a class (CL24N or CL20N and OMS2 if necessary)
  6. Batch modification with our new characteristics (MCS2N)

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