ABAP – APO Material master version dependent extra fields

SAPAPO system offers only 5 product specific and another 5 product-location specific, version dependent fields called AT101 – AT105 and ATT01 – ATT05. But what if you need MORE than these 10 extra fields to be version dependent? You can generate more extra fields using the EEWB (Easy Enhancement Workbench) but this tool generates the extra fields as version independent (all planning versions will share the same values).
In this article I’ll show how to make these extra fields made by EEWB version dependent. Continue reading

ABAP – APO Planning book macros on aggregated levels

SAPHere I’d like to present my solution of a problem in APO planning books where it was necessary to load multiple products and locations at the same time into the planning view and execute some Default macros on all of them. Continue reading

ABAP – Debug CIF interface from ECC to APO

SAPIt it (almost) impossible to debug CIF interface on inbound side because the data being sent from ECC to APO is passed via RFC enabled functions which are called “remotely” from ECC. Therefore it is not possible to just put break point in target (APO) system and expect that debugger will start when you send data from source (ECC) system. Continue reading

Automatic assignment of INCMD groups to models in APO


It is possible to maintain interchangeability groups in APO manually with transaction /INCMD/UI but this is not practical in case we would like to automate some actions like assignment of INCMD groups to models.

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