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As already mentioned a class contains several logicaly connected (e.g. COLOR and COLOR_FINISHING) characteristics that are grouped together in the class.

After you have prepared all required characteristics, you can group them in a new class or add them into an existing class. The class can be created and edited using TCode CL02 or SAP Menu → Cross-Application Components → Classification System → Master Data → Classes

New class

During class creation you’ll be asked for a Class Type which limits the class’s use for a specific object types in the system, e.g. material, vendor, …

In the Basic data section of the Basic Data tab you enter the class description and set its status to ‘Released’. Assignment of characteristics to the class is done in tab ‘Char.‘ where you just enter the name of the characteristic to be included in the list.

Assigned chracteristics to a class

Class Hierarchy

SAP Classification system allows you to clease a hierarchy within the class structure where a sub-class (child) can inherit characteristics from none or more super-classes (parents). This can be done in TCode CL24N or SAP Menu → Cross-Application Components → Classification System → Assignment → Assign Objects/Classes to Class

Sub-Class Definition:
Subclass definition

Class Inheritance – class MAT_01 is the parent, MAT_01_A is the child class.
Class Hierarchy

After you have created the hierarchy, you can view its structure using TCode CL6C (SAP Menu → Cross-Application Components → Classification System → Environment → Reporting → Class Hierarchy)

Class Hierarchy Tree

Class/Characteristic Inheritance

Characteristic inheritance means that if you define a characteristic in a parent class which is inherited by a child class – you don’t have to repeat the characteristic again in the child classes.

Later when you assign an Object to the child class (but not to both child and parent), you’ll be offered to enter values for characteristics from both the child class and the parent class.

Characteristic Inheritance

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