Secured FTP – ProFTP + TLS in Ubuntu

FTP is considered as very insecure protocol because all data transferred using this protocol is passed between client and server in clear text and can be hacked by someone listening on your line. But you can easily encrypt the whole communication by enabling/forcing TLS and make FTP much more secure. This article explains how to set up ProFTPd with TLS on an Ubuntu server. Continue reading

ABAP – How to search across Web Dynpro methods

SAPThere’s no direct way how to search for a string across all methods of a Web Dynpro, it is always possible to search in just one method only. Using the approach I’m going to present it is possible to find the SAP internal name of the impementing class and then search across the whole class in classic SE24 transaction for editing classes. Continue reading

Excel – Ignore blanks and duplicates in Validation list

I faced a problem where I had a worksheet where in column A there were items I wanted to use as source for validation list in another column. But these items were not unique, therefore they appeared in the validation list not just once. So I used the solution presented below to automatically create a unique list in a spare column and assign that list as the source of data validation drop down list for a specified cell range Continue reading

LFTP – Backup website over FTP

LinuxI was facing task how to schedule an automatic backup/mirror of a website which allows connecting over FTP. PHP command exec was forbidden by the provider so it was not possible to run OS commands. PHP script execution time was set to quite short time so it was neither possible to zip using PHP functions and send the whole backup file somewhere easily. Continue reading

ABAP – Export Transport request to local file system

SAPAll development or customizing in SAP is written into a transport request unless it is a local object not intended to be transported ($TMP package). Sometimes it might be useful to backup your development but in SAP this task is quite complicated to export all programs, classes, standard texts, …

Therefore there is an option to export the whole development encapsulated on a transport request level. And that’s what this article is about – exporting development encapsulated in a transport request to local file system. Continue reading

ABAP – Fill BAPI structures from SAP table structures dynamically

SAPDue to fact that BAPI structures uses different field names than standard SAP tables I used to apply a trick I’m going to present in this article – map BAPI fileds to SAP fields in a Z-table and fill BAPI structures dynamically during runtime Continue reading