Move Ubuntu in VirtualBox from one PC to another

Export and import of any virtual box machine from one PC to another is done simply by “File – Export Appliance” and “File – Import Appliance” in Oracle Virtual Box top menu.

But it happened to me that I exported and imported an Ubuntu machine and internet connection was not working in the imported appliance. After a long research and google searching I found a possible way how to fix it. Continue reading

Ubuntu 12 as Home server running in Virtualbox

I always wanted to have personal home server which can host a web service with PHP, PERL, Python and MySQL, FTP or WebDAV services, Subversion service or stream multimedia.

At the same time I didn’t want to have huge installation with GUI which will become useless when everything is correctly setup and also consumes some disk space but I wanted to have some easy access to the machine so I can configure it or do some maintenance if needed.

Here is the step-by step description of how I setup my personal home server. Continue reading