ABAP – Load user-specific selection screen variant during program initialization

When user starts a program/report in SAPGUI, he want’s to have some speicific fields to be pre-filled with fixed values. This is true especially on more complex selection screens. So he must either create a transaction which executes the report with selected variant, or he can start the program directly and choose the variant on the selection screen manually.

But there’s also another option – load the variant dynamically by ABAP coding, during the INITIALIZATION event… Continue reading

ABAP – Select ALV layout on the selection screen

If you want to offer your users to have a parameter on the selection screen where they can select layout of the ALV to be displayed, you can use the following code snippet Continue reading

ABAP – Add working days to a date using Factory Calendar

SAPThis article contains a code snippet showing how to add given number of WORKING days to a given starting date. To get the correct factory calendar, you have to search in Plant data. Continue reading